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When it comes to topnotch trim restoration on your classic car or truck, look no further than Triple F Automotive's Concourse Trim Division. We have more than 20 years of experience in stainless, aluminum and chrome restoration in Fort Worth, TX, and show no signs of stopping. With a range of budget-friendly levels available from full showroom restoration to our basic driver’s level, every classic car owner can put that finishing touch on his or her automobile. When you have spent this kind of cash to fix up your “baby,” finish it off right with trim restoration.

It is important to note that, when restoring stainless and aluminum trim and molding, the quality of the finished product is greatly dependent on the quality of the cores we are given to work with. It goes without saying that a better quality core results in a better quality finished piece and that the cost is lower to restore an item already in good condition. The only way to know for sure is to ask us for a full evaluation and estimate on your stainless chrome restoration services job.

One of our primary services is chrome restoration. We begin this process by removing any existing scale, rust, and chrome. We then fix it up with holes repair, dings removal, crack repair, and straightening. By grinding badly pitted areas and filling in the voids with solder, we are able to bring the surface back to life. The surface restoration process next involves polishing and repeating until it is ready to apply double nickel and chrome plating, and finally chrome polishing. We also offer triple platted chrome which consist of copper, nickel, and chrome. In addition to chrome, we also offer aluminum and stainless trim restoration.

To get an estimate on stainless chrome restoration services for your vehicle’s trim in Fort Worth, TX, please contact us today at Triple F Automotive's Concourse Trim Division.

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